Article review: Learner-Centered Assessment in US Colleges and Universities

In the Use of Learner-Centered Assessment in US Colleges and Universities, Webb describes a utopia where instructors have given (through learner-centered assessment)  “  a mechanism for prompt feedback to students, fosters  collaboration  with peers and faculty; and results in increased student-faculty contact.’   (Webb, 2012, p 203) I agree with the need for multiple drafts […]


Taking this opportunity to drop in another paper I wrote for ED603. Let me know if you find it helpful! Introduction This paper discusses the evaluation of methods for a research project that involves attempting to measure building community interaction among first-time users of Blackboard while capturing the participants’ opinions of their experience. Preparing for […]

Bias? What bias?

I’ve done some of the assignments out of order (in ED603). This is another one of those assignments I liked so much I wrote it twice. Introduction This paper discusses addressing several forms of bias while conducting research. Researchers need to be aware of, and counteract the possible introduction of, bias in areas of their […]