Testing Embeds

Using the embed code from inside the share in VoiceThread and pasting it into the Text view in WordPress. It worked … See VoiceThread and screenshots below. This is using the default information. I would change the height and width. Find your VT and click the share icon Choose the “Basic” tab Copy the embed […]

And the award goes to…

The other day I mentioned php. Someone asked me what it stood for. I honestly didn’t know.  ‘I just code or I just hack it’ wasn’t my best response! php (or PHP) stands for hypertext preprocessor. Correct. It’s like a fool’s errand. PHP actually is an acronym for “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor.” What? Wait, what tomfoolery […]

Make a Quick Video…

Keynote/QuickTime/YouTube steps: Make your slides. Add your voice (Play menu > Record Slideshow…)  figure one Save your work. Export it to QuickTime (File menu > Export To > QuickTime) This brings up a Creating Movie announcement that shows you the progress of saving your work asa MPEG-4 movie.    figure  two Open QuickTime. Open your […]

Tech free challenge!

Let’s play with fiber, yarn, needles, … or maybe wire and snips?! Baskets! – advice here –  https://www.craftyarncouncil.com/desert2.html Getting started Coiled Baskets You need scissors and willingness to have fun. All other supplies are provided. If this turns out to ‘be your thing’ I got many of the supplies locally. Ask me where.

Let me update your trac ticket – FileZilla (fix)

Who wouldn’t want to open up a new account to update Trac tickets for FileZilla problems first thing on a Monday morning? This rocks!  https://trac.filezilla-project.org/ticket/9750#comment:1 Couldn’t find a solution in 5 minutes of surfing. Found others with a similar problem – my window was off the top of my screen. Jumping and shouting just wasn’t […]


Taking this opportunity to drop in another paper I wrote for ED603. Let me know if you find it helpful! Introduction This paper discusses the evaluation of methods for a research project that involves attempting to measure building community interaction among first-time users of Blackboard while capturing the participants’ opinions of their experience. Preparing for […]

Bias? What bias?

I’ve done some of the assignments out of order (in ED603). This is another one of those assignments I liked so much I wrote it twice. Introduction This paper discusses addressing several forms of bias while conducting research. Researchers need to be aware of, and counteract the possible introduction of, bias in areas of their […]

Road map

Okay, so this is one of those ‘I just love easel.ly’ moments. Doing a session on screencasting today. Here’s my thoughts on how it should go… ROAD MAP I should log back in later and tell you how it really went. (The best laid plans…) The link above is in case the embed (below) does […]