day 3

Certainly I will not have day 3, day 17, day 293… I’d have to write a script for that. Instead you’ll see a, 2, finally–but only if I’m feeling disjointed.

What’s a brand new designer to do?

  • link checking
  • find all the resources she will need to do her job
  • begin collecting work

Cross-polinate? Absolutely. Monday (day 1) I posted on FB about ‘information overload.’ I need to make a list of all the cool things that I was exposed to on Monday and those that I intend to follow up on. Tuesday (day 2) I created a tumblr account (alaskaknits) because I was going through another designers course and saw that it was a very easy way to blog. I’ve been looking for what would be the fastest, easiest, cleanest, coolest way for me to share my ideas (daily or several times a day) without taking up too much time. I don’t do onerous.