Testing Embeds

Using the embed code from inside the share in VoiceThread and pasting it into the Text view in WordPress. It worked …

See VoiceThread and screenshots below.

This is using the default information. I would change the height and width.

  1. Find your VT and click the share icon
  2. Choose the “Basic” tab
  3. Copy the embed code
  4. Paste it into the Text view on WordPress

Click the share iconbasic tab on the sharing copy the embed code

What plugins are active?

  • Google Doc embedder
  • inPHP
  • Simple Custom CSS
  • WordPress Visual Icon Fonts

Network active – all of community.uaf.edu has these turned on: Akismet Anti-Spam, eCampus-dashboard-widget, eCampus-login, MultiSite Clone Duplicator, Shibbolize, WordPress MU Domain Mapping,