Top 10 Blogs for Educators

Ellen M's phone photo from Flickr creative commons lists the top ten blogs for education.
Many of the folk who read my blog (Design Team members) will be familiar with all ten of these blogs. However, this post is for the folk who stumble across my blog. If you’re looking for good ideas, sometimes the best thing I can do is point you in the right direction.

I use Zite each morning to view a variety of sources. My sections–that Zite automatically pulls ‘fresh’ content for–include: Graphic Design & Typography, Social Media, Technology.

This morning’s post by Lisa Nielsen (of the Innovative Educator) is a cross post from College Online.

So I’m reposting something that was in turn reposted. Third times a charm?

You can read the full post here–and get all the links, but I wanted to list the ten they chose to write on.

Ellen M's phone photo from Flickr creative commons
Let’s talk about it! – Some rights reserved see the Flickr site at

1. The Innovative Educator
2. Free Technology 4Teachers
3. The Pursuit of Technology Integration Happiness
4. Bit by Bit
5. Around the Corner
6. Learning with “e’s’
7. 2 Cents Worth
8. Teach the Cloud
9. The Web 2.0 Connected Classroom
10. Doug-Off The Record