Working with Adobe Illustrator

Hey all!

I’ve been slack over the past few years in learning Adobe Illustrator. I LOVED Fireworks… WHY, OH WHY…. anyhow.

Over the past few months, I have recreated graphics for the Mining Mill Operator Training. Granted I’ve only done a drop in the bucket of them, but my AI skills are coming along.

Here are a few

Process Variables [image 140-1-01]

  • P & ID Information
    [image 140-1-11]
  • Control Loops
    [image 140-1-05]
  • Pneumatic instruments
  • Process Variables
    [image 140-1-01]
  • Electronic Instruments
    [image 140-1-07]
  • Analog Signals
    [image 140-1-09]
  • Digital Display
    [image 140-1-10]
  • Instrument diagram
  • Table 12-4
    [image 140-1-14]