Building blocks

UAF eCampus Registration page(s): what needs to change?

  1. A person should not have to choose “number of courses. … How many classes? I plan on taking _one semester-based course_ … two, three, four.
  2. A person should not have to   “If you change your mind, use the back button and select more or fewer courses before you fill everything out.”
  3. The results of the form should not be encrypted. (Allan’s request)
  4. The form should allow a person to choose from multiple semesters where registration overlaps.
  5. The form should discourage use to those who can register using UAOnline. The form should collect information on why are person could not register on UAOnline.

How should this change occur?

  • Using AJAX and Javascript (and jQuery)
  • Not by using multiple pages

What would be good to change?

  • The fact that ‘distance’ as a fee does not update properly when you have multiple select statements.