Why you have to be there

I recently read an advertisement for a large conference for educators. There were seven items stressed under the heading, “Why you have to be there.” The one that caught my eye was, “Rub Elbows with Thought Leaders.” Intriguing. It made me think about our designers, and our eCampus team.

You don’t have to sign up for a conference to rub elbows with us. We are here for you. In addition to being thoughtful, we are leaders who are doing. I’ll make my case by listing recent activities and upcoming events that are available (or were) for free. Some events, like iTeach, are by application only, but if you’re accepted we don’t charge you an entry fee. In addition to these events we, the designers, routinely meet with faculty to assist in a variety of ways. Need to spruce up a few assignments? Want to deliver part of your materials remotely? Is it time to flip your classroom? You just might get your own designer for three hours.

5/1, Wednesday – Owen Guthrie
Akasofu 417 Noon – 1:00pm

Gamification”Humanity plays three billion hours of tech games every week. How can elements of these games improve student engagement and learning outcomes? Gamification is an exciting and emergent topic in education, but it contains many misconceptions. We’ll discuss types of games, motivational systems (badging) and misconceptions while developing an accurate view of the potential for gamification in education. Provide your students opportunities to be awesome! ”

This presentation will be available at: https://mediasite.alaska.edu/Mediasite/Play/ade79ac351534c67887e3a419ca05eea1d This is the fourth in a series for this spring semester. You can see the earlier Teaching Tip Live sessions at:

3/20 Podcasting https://mediasite.alaska.edu/Mediasite/Play/f5ea1f106cd748e19ce3bfaa27031c851d
4/3 Interactive Video https://mediasite.alaska.edu/Mediasite/Play/098dbef475a8467993b7a7f5c2a3040b1d
4/17 Virtual Tutoring https://mediasite.alaska.edu/Mediasite/Play/78f3311922204df9a6bd2312329c7e6c1d

Look for more sessions in the fall.

The next iTeach: May 20-24; https://iteach.uaf.edu/ to sign up

We have smaller iTeach type presentations going on during May and June for specific departments, or groups of departments. These are set up in two and three day layouts. While I’m not inviting you to a different department’s presentation, I am suggesting that there are opportunities where you could have a designer, or even a few designers, come to you. Elbow rubbing is optional.