Reading Group: Article on Teaching Web 2.0 Tech

The article I read for the June 2013 reading group wasn’t really worth the rest of the team’s time. I think our team does a much better job of teaching web 2.0 technologies by talking and showing examples of how a product might support the class goals faculty have.

I did, however, like Mindmup ( – it did not do everything I want in a mind mapping tool. But it was free, online, and relatively easy to use. It did restrict a few of the things that I want to do with a mind map. On the other hand, Mindmup because it was restricting my creativity, made a beautiful end product (see image).

In discussion with fellow teammates, I did mention that the article talks about health professionals receiving up to 8 CE credits for their work. This work, the details of which you can read in this article spans a time frame measured in weeks, while we (at UAF eCampus) routinely offer iTeach participants at least the materials provided in this course, in a matter of four or five days.

Does that mean we’re covering too much or does it mean that our students should also receive up to 8 CE credits? Interesting.