Make a Quick Video…

Keynote/QuickTime/YouTube steps: Make your slides. Add your voice (Play menu > Record Slideshow…)  figure one Save your work. Export it to QuickTime (File menu > Export To > QuickTime) This brings up a Creating Movie announcement that shows you the progress of saving your work asa MPEG-4 movie.    figure  two Open QuickTime. Open your […]

Padlet: easy ‘whiteboard’

I was reminded just today that I use this interface (my work blog) as a ‘reminder’ tool of items that I want to share with others. If you’re looking for a quick way to have your students chat/jot down notes with each other, look no further than PADLET! Here are some examples: BEST PRACTICES: […]

Staff Appreciation Day

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[rev_slider wp]    In addition to everything else we talked about, we covered the following slides: Your WordPress Site the link only works for those within the UA system. Of note was how works differently than (also a WordPress installation). … Would have showed you if I could have remembered my password (headslap)!

Productivity apps?

Evernote logo

I’m unpacking this assignment and I see that it is supposed to be both one page and two pages in length. I’m interpreting that to mean that I should include one page for my personal production and one for my professional. Thankfully, the two overlap. While Evernote is not going to be for everyone, I […]

Let me update your trac ticket – FileZilla (fix)

Who wouldn’t want to open up a new account to update Trac tickets for FileZilla problems first thing on a Monday morning? This rocks! Couldn’t find a solution in 5 minutes of surfing. Found others with a similar problem – my window was off the top of my screen. Jumping and shouting just wasn’t […]

Clean up, clean up…

It’s a song I sing to my son. But it matters at work too. That’s why today I’ve downloaded SourceTree so I can connect to Bitbucket and use a git client for my development. I need an automated way to do version control using multiple systems etc. So that puts me into the DVCS realm. […]

Article review: Learner-Centered Assessment in US Colleges and Universities

In the Use of Learner-Centered Assessment in US Colleges and Universities, Webb describes a utopia where instructors have given (through learner-centered assessment)  “  a mechanism for prompt feedback to students, fosters  collaboration  with peers and faculty; and results in increased student-faculty contact.’   (Webb, 2012, p 203) I agree with the need for multiple drafts […]

Reading Group

Covering “Faculty Mentoring and Student Engagement Are Keys to Success in Virtual Classroom” I believe you need to be logged as a UA employee or student… (click on title above.) A few visuals (and testing the Getty embed process) that may bring mentoring or leadership to mind. Mentors   Leadership Embedded librarian  

Road map

Okay, so this is one of those ‘I just love’ moments. Doing a session on screencasting today. Here’s my thoughts on how it should go… ROAD MAP I should log back in later and tell you how it really went. (The best laid plans…) The link above is in case the embed (below) does […]

Open Books

Learn more about Open Education Resources, specifically open textbooks, peer-reviewed materials and materials shared under a Creative Commons license. Your students (and you!) don’t have to spend money to obtain current, peer-reviewed data.