I miss paper: a post about efficiency

Using Preview to mark up a PDF

I like all the things I can do with Preview to mark up a document. I like that all the snippets can be viewed at one time. I like that I can put in notes–for myself or others. But, I miss paper.

There is a feel to paper; a weighty drag to my hand; a sense of what is right and what is good.

I’m a list maker. I like checking things off. I am a doodler. And while there are online products that allow me to doodle fairly well, nothing really beats a good sharpie marker and the back of an envelop.

That being said, I am checking AppsGoneFree right now to see if there are any products that will help me along the road of developing a five session iPad course for K-12 teachers on web design.

I like “My Brushes Pro” and this may come in handy with creating the five session course.

One of the apps for my iPhone that are useful: camera-I take photos of things that I need to remember (or instead of jotting it down). VIN number, anyone? I use DropBox and Evernote on my phone to collect and access materials. I have also tried the Voice Memos app… but haven’t remembered to use it all that much. In the same vein, I was testing out “Teed” for list making and task management. I did not like it enough to thoroughly use it.

Paper. It’s what cuts the mustard. Paper rocks!