Last Friday several of us had a lovely conversation about traditions, specifically building them.

I wanted to share with a larger group, and keep that conversation going. Hence this post.

Some of the traditions we talked about were:

  • old movie night
  • pancakes on the weekend
  • popcorn and soda on movie night
  • when the Christmas tree goes up… and comes down
  • P.J. day
  • leftovers – fend for yourselves dinner night
  • a new pie each month (or the same pie for May as last May, etc.)

That’s SHORT compared to what you had to say. Comments are open on this post so you can recreate parts of what you said, or add new ones.

Here are a few traditions that I think I’ll build in my home with Aedan:

  • DAILY: As best I can – breakfast, lunch and dinner at close to the same time; play every day… this could be singing together and giggling [right now we do this 2x/day unless I’m in a big rush… getting dressed for the day, and getting dressed for bed]
  • WEEKLY: Wednesday night: breakfast for dinner, play dates on Saturday or Sunday and reading together, Saturday could be breakfast out or pancakes, doing laundry together one time per week [when he’s old enough to ‘fold’ – must keep him away from poisonous liquids in utility room]; bathing Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday [and as needed]; I’m going to start ‘date night’ for Friday night, because it is possible that I’ll have those in the future… so I may need to line up baby sitters in order to go do stuff with girlfriends until… make sure the play dates happen both in our house and in other parents’ homes.
  • MONTHLY: Make a different type of cookie together [need to come up with the list of what month is what cookie], buy a new book and read it together over and over and over… mix it in with the favorites.
  • QUARTERLY: Review toys and clothes, what can be donated? [Decide together when he is old enough.]
  • BIANNUALLY: A “shopping trip” that’s just clothes for school AND one that’s clothes for summer – match this up with a hair cut (for both of us).
  • ANNUALLY: Gardening together… [2014] the planting and the harvesting part (maybe the watering when he is bigger); go camping; go on a trip.

There might be more. Recommendations?

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  1. Dallas Budden says:

    Read to him every night before bed.
    Include him with your exercise time in the morning.
    Play different types of music each day like hiphop Monday.

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